• These are quite good speakers, however not that substantially less expensive than much better speakers by more legitimate brands. I would suggest spending more. These vibe high caliber, however I got one passed speaker directly over the bat. The speakers have not too bad bass at the cost. It doesn't have low bass, however you can feel it vibrating the floor. The OEM speakers had more bass. High frequencies sound awful. It sounds like a tin can. 3 way doesn't appear to have any kind of effect in high frequencies here. These are tranquil. The back speakers muffle them. The delivery was appalling. It was truly send in it's unlocked box (not in any case taped), not cushioned in an extra cardboard box. It's okay at the cost, yet don't expect astounding sound, and they ought to at any rate check the speakers previously delivering them out. It is an immense burden to evacuate them after the arduous establishment at that point drop them off at UPS. Not a major agony, but rather a disturbance. I would have given 4 stars generally. this article

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